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2015 Muster Flyer

Dinner Menu
Dinner Menu



The 2014 Jacaranda Muster has been and gone for another year. Thanks to all those who flew in over the weekend. There were 24 aircraft of 21 different types. The only double ups being Jabirus and Savannahs.

The Winjeel arrived during the morning and began providing Warbird flights. The sound of the big 445 horsepower Pratt & Whitney Wasp engine was something to behold.

The all day BBQ was busy both days and a number of early day trippers on Sunday had a hearty Aussie Brekky as well.

Saturday was hot at around 36 degrees and as the sun sank into the west the “Broadways” set up on the veranda and launched into their repertoire of good old rock and roll music mixed with some classic Irish music with Lynny-Rose giving the violin a real good workout. Toes were tapping and everyone was singing. It was a great way to enjoy a pre-dinner drink and watch the sunset.

Liz began frantically preparing food for the diners as others got tables, chairs and all manner of things organised while manning the bar and greeting arrivals. It was organised chaos at its best.

The Saturday night dinner at the clubhouse was attended by 45 people and I think all agreed the meal was superb. At about 7:30pm there was a sudden invasion of bugs. Prior to that everything was fine so the screen doors were left open. Big Mistake.

With the main course finished it was time for the multitude of desserts when all of a sudden everything went dark. That began about 45 minutes of scrambling around with torches. The whole town was without power and with no moon it was pitch black, cars travelling down various roads the only indication of civilisation. By the time power was restored we’d managed to get through about half of the desserts but there was plenty more to come.

Arthur Marcel & Tony King decided to get away at dawn on Sunday so missed out on the breakfast but with a forecast headwind it was the best time to leave. Other overnighters left at a more civilised hour after a good breakfast.

A number of additional aircraft arrived during the morning, the Winjeel was flat out with Warbird flights, the BBQ was cranked up again while Roger & Lynny-Rose (The Broadways) entertained.

At about 11:30 am the newly crowned Jacaranda Queen and 6 other princesses arrived for their complimentary flights over the city. All went well except a couple of the girls must have been celebrating a bit hard and suffered some air sickness. Hopefully Carl has the C180 back in top shape by now.

By 3:30 pm all the visitors had departed for home & club members began the big cleanup. A welcome beer on the Veranda finished a superb weekend of flying and fun while the Winjeel roared overhead on the way home.

Many thanks to all club members who helped throughout the weekend and made our visitors welcome.

Some photos of the 2014 Jacaranda Muster follow.

Arcus 21 metre Motor Glider
Winjeel and Viewers
Winjeel, RV-6 & others
Chris & RV-6 taking a Jacaranda princess for a flight
Jaranda Princesses & Matron
Getting ready for the flight
Mark Awad, Winjeel Pilot & junior Jacaranda Queen
John Seach & Airborne Trike
Some Sunday visiting aircraft
Relaxing on the Veranda
The Broadways & Marius Neser followed by Bella
Roger & Lynny-Rose
The Menu
The Winjeel


Ross Fifes Gyro


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