Hangar Owners

Who are we and what do we do

South Grafton Aerodrome Aircraft Hangar Owners Incorporated (SGAAHO) is a Not for Profit Incorporated Association and the Lessee and Operator of South Grafton Aerodrome. The aerodrome is owned by NSW Crown Lands a division of the NSW Planning and Environment department. As at 1 January 2023 there are 22 hangars and the Grafton Aero Club building with sub leases from SGAAHO. There is currently one new application to build a hangar at South Grafton Aerodrome under way.

Each hangar is individually owned with the land sub leased from SGAAHO. SGAAHO charges each hangar owner fees annually to cover the costs related to the lease, insurance, rates, aerodrome maintenance and upkeep. A capital account is maintained from hangar owners fees to cover asset replacement such as Mowers a Tractor and equipment plus major works such as Runway resealing.

All maintenance work is carried out by member volunteers. Most of this work relates to maintenance of runways, taxiways, aprons etc and the equipment used. Administration and management is also conducted on a voluntary basis.

The owners of aircraft hangared at South Grafton are levied a usage fee annually to assist with the costs associated with maintaining the aerodrome.

Landing fees are levied on a voluntary basis to all visiting aircraft. Details are posted on the Home page.