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Wings & Wheels

Wings and Wheels Open Day

Sunday 23 June 2019

After 2 years of very strong wings the 2019 Wings and Wheels has been brought forward from August to late June when the weather patterns are more stable. This will allow for more aircraft to fly in and participate. Planning is well underway and further updates will be made as time progresses. If you require further information at this stage please email or phone. Details are in the contacts pages.

Mark Awad will be providing Warbird Adventure flights in his Winjeel Warbird and the local flying school will be providing Trial Introductory Flights.

Also this year the local Fire Brigade will have a display along with the SES

The poster, display layout plan and Risk Management plan are set out below.

Wings and Wheels Display area 23 June 2019

Grafton Aero Club – Risk Management Plan

Title:                           Wings and Wheels Open Day

Date:                          Sunday 23 June 2019

Time:                         10:00am to 2:00pm


Grafton Aero Club

Grafton Gliding Club

Coffs C/ex Classic and Touring Car Club

Coffs Harbour Veteran and Vintage Car Club

Grafton Vintage Motor Vehicle Club

Grafton Historical Motorcycle Club

Grafton Stationary Engines Club

Grafton Go-Kart Club

Grafton Mens Shed

Grafton Model Aircraft Club

Mark Awad with Winjeel Warbird

NSW Artist Blacksmiths

Hot Rod Club

Pilots of Visiting Aircraft

General Public

Cost:                          There is no charge for those attending. A gold coin donation collection  to benefit the Oncology Ward, Grafton Base Hospital to be made.

Sponsor:                  Clarence Valley Council

Insurance:                All clubs have their own current Public Liability Insurance of $10,000,000.00 each. SGAAHO has $20,000,000.00 Public Liability cover over the total Aerodrome. Current Insurance Certificate attached.

Format:                     The car clubs and Aero Club will have static displays of aircraft and motor vehicles in a cordoned off area where vehicle and aircraft operation and movements are prohibited for the duration of the open day. These areas are detailed on the attached plan. The General Public will be confined to the static display areas with only those taking Warbird adventure flights or Joy Flights allowed into the aircraft pickup/drop off area for the duration of the open day.

Aircraft Movements, parking and tie down are limited to the right hand side of the taxiway as seen from Vere Street as shown on the attached plan.

Appointed Parking Marshals will wear fluorescent vests to manage the set up and dispersal of the static aircraft and motor vehicle displays. Exhibitors are requested to be on site by 9:00am and from this time car parking marshals will direct the public to angle park on the southern side of Vere Street ensuring that entrances and the emergency access are kept clear.

Parallel parking is available on the north side of Vere Street as well. Parking signs will be erected and bollards placed at the 3 access ways to ensure these are kept clear.

Appointed Aircraft Movement Marshals will wear fluorescent vests and will direct visiting aircraft from the taxiway to the parking and tie down areas to the left hand side of the taxiway as seen from arriving aircraft, via the first exit to the south of Hangar V. Aircraft Movement Marshals will manage engine startup and taxiing through the parking and tie down area on to the taxiway.

The Warbirds and Joy Flight aircraft will have a pickup/drop off location immediately to the south of Hangar V.

Aircraft pilots will comply with all directives provided by Aircraft Movement Marshals while in the confines of the parking and tie down areas. Once cleared onto the taxiway aircraft pilots will comply with all CASA regulations for uncontrolled aerodromes and standard VFR procedures.

Participating Pilots and the General Public who are taking Trial introductory Flights, Warbird Flights or Joy Flights will be permitted to cross into the designated area for the purpose of accessing the aircraft as directed by Aircraft Movement Marshals. The General Public will be allowed into the Aircraft Parking and Tie Down areas only under the direct supervision of Aircraft Movement Marshals.

Grafton Aero Club

14 April 2019

Scroll down for information and photos of previous years events.

 Wings and Wheels Open Day

Sunday 12 August 2018

This years event was again very windy and cold. Only a few aircraft flew in including the new Cirrus SR22 Australis. The Winjeel was out of action so did not make it but we had motorcycles and car clubs and an intrepid bunch of vintage tractor enthusiasts who made the trip up from Corindi to take part. Attendance was down and the wind destroyed our large gazebo and made barbecuing extremely difficult. Still we did raise $900.00 for the Oncology Unit at Grafton Base Hospital.

 Wings and Wheels Open Day

Sunday 20 August 2017

 The week before this years event began by being fine but with strengthening winds. The aerodrome had been slashed and over 200 large round bales of hay were taken off. It was looking a picture. On the setup day on Saturday the wind was howling at 25 to 35 knots so we were unable to put up gazebos etc. On Sunday although the wind had dissipated somewhat it was gale force on the coast. Three gyros came west from Tamworth and only one other aircraft flew in. Paul Jennings arrived in his RV6 much to our amazement. He said it was one of the roughest flights he’d had and got thrown all over the sky.

The conditions though did not bother the car clubs and they arrived en mass so the “Wheels” part of the event was very successful even though it was windy and cool despite being a sunny day. We also managed to raise almost $1,300.00 for the Oncology Ward at Grafton base Hospital from donations received. Some photos follow.

Wings and Wheels Open Day

14 August 2016

The weather was perfect this year much to our relief as it had been overcast with showers in 2015. This year we had a number of vehicles from the Coffs Harbour Veteran and Vintage Car club to add to those from Grafton and the Coffs CEX club. Exhibitors began to arrive shortly after 8:00am and the first aircraft arrived before 9:00am. Pretty soon the whole aerodrome was buzzing with the sounds of aircraft in the circuit, aircraft taxiing in and cars, motor bikes, stationary engines and people everywhere.

The number of exhibitors was similar to 2015 with Vintage, Veteran, Classic, Touring, Sports and Racing Cars, Hot Rods, classic and vintage motorcycles, Stationary Engines General Aviation and Recreational Aviation aircraft plus model aircraft.

Mark Awad arrived in the Winjeel and began providing Warbird Adventure Flights. Coffs Harbour Aero Club Flight Training provided TIF flights as well.

Morning Tea in the clubhouse proved very popular again and the BBQs were going from around 9:00am. This year we provided Hot Ham Rolls and Mann River Burgers which proved very popular along with the standard sausage sandwich.

Over 40 aircraft flew in from around the state and southern Queensland and everyone seemed very happy and enjoyed the casual atmosphere, especially being able view the exhibits and aircraft up close. Club members were run off their feet to ensure the event ran smoothly. Even with a number of members unable to assist due to Winter ills and other commitments, there was not a single issue throughout the day and we managed to raise over $1,200.00 for the Childrens Ward of Grafton Base Hospital, $500.00 more than last year. While visitor numbers are difficult to determine with people coming and going all the time we estimate around 2500 people attended throughout the day, many of these were families with children.

Some photos follow

20160814_105506 20160814_105057 20160814_115827 20160814_113458 20160814_113139 20160814_105514 20160814_105157 20160814_104904


20160814_105512 20160814_104613 20160814_104603

Wings and Wheels 16 August 2015

Wings and Wheels 2015 was bigger and better than the highly successful 2014 event. As well as Vintage, Classic and Touring Cars, Stationery engines, Model aircraft, Sports and Recreational aircraft there were Classic & Vintage Motorcycles, Vintage Aircraft, Wooden Boats, Go-Karts, Vintage caravans, and a demonstration of their craft from the Artist Blacksmiths.

Troy Smith from Caboolture with his Beech T34 Mentor provided Warbird Adventure rides and Joy rides were provided by Aussie Air from Ballina.

While the weather was threatening leading up to the even and there were showers, this did not damped the enthusiasm of the exhibitors or the large crowd of visitors estimated to be around 2000 who attended. The weather did prevent a number of aircraft attending but more than 20 did make it. The morning tea with cakes and savouries was very popular as were the barbecues providing sausage sandwiches, steaks sandwiches and hot ham rolls. All in all it was a great day with around $700.00 raised for the Childrens Ward at Grafton Base Hospital. The club added additional funding from food sales and a cheque for $1000.00 was presented to the Hospital.

Some photos of the event follow.

IMG1259 IMG1282 IMG1256 IMG1277 IMG1245 IMG1273 IMG1269 IMG_1004.JPG IMG1220 IMG1224 IMG1225 IMG1234

Wings and Wheels 31 August 2014

What a day it was. Morning Tea was served to Car Club members & flyers from 10:00 am.

We’d planned to start the barbecues at around 11:00 am but there were hungry people there at 10:00 am. Steak & sausage sandwiches, hot ham rolls and cold drinks were in high demand for the next 3 hours.

Club member Andy Ski put on an aerobatic display in his Skybolt at lunch time and aircraft kept coming and going.

Around 1000 people attended the event and there was something for everyone.

For the record there were 36 Aircraft, 4 Gyrocopters, 24 Vintage Cars, 28 Sports Touring and Classic Cars, 11 Motorcycles, 6 Stationary Engines, 5 Race Cars and one each Vintage boat, caravan and tractor.


Static Display from the Clubhouse veranda


Cars & gyrocopters


Static Display viewed from the taxiway


C172 with cars etc in background


An immaculate E type Jaguar Roadster

RV 3 and CTLS

Sports Cars

Gyros & Bikes

Aircraft Parking

Food Gazebos with Clubhouse in background

Cols beloved Thrusters in front of car displays


Aero Club President Kevin Wilson & Councillor Jimmy Simmons

Model Aircraft

Homebuilt Cavallier


Tecnam Bravo


Andy Skis Skybolt


Stationary Engines